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Quality Disappearing Screens is proud to provide the best custom workmanship that you will discover to be an integral part of our products and services.

At Quality Disappearing Screens we measure, design and hand build your screen doors or windows; since each order is unique, we pay personalized attention to every customer ensuring that you receive the best options concerning size, color, accessories, and screening material. We always ensure that our product will specifically accommodate your needs and homes d cor.

As an industry leader, Quality Disappearing Screens offers you the most innovative and best-designed and safest product on the market today.

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To keep your QDS Retractable Screen Product operating correctly, just follow the simple periodic maintenance steps described below. These steps will ensure your screens always operate to your expectations.

Track Maintenance :

1. Clean tracks every one or two months, or as necessary. Wipe clean with a cloth and gentle detergent.
2. Let tracks dry then apply an even coat of Dry Silicone spray to the top and bottom tracks. Remove excess spray. Dry Silicone spray is available from Quality Disappearing Screens or a certified dealer.
3. Do not scrub aluminum parts as this may damage powder coated/painted surfaces.

Screen Maintenance :

1. Always make sure that the screen is not riding outside of the track. This could cause the screen to bind when rolling back into the housing.
2.To clean the screen, vacuum using an upholstery brush. Carefully vacuum the outside, then from the inside taking care not to snag the screen itself.
3. Keep pets from clawing or scratching the screen.


Just exactly what is a retractable screen door?

A retractable screen door is a home improvement product that is attached to the exterior face or to the interior frame of a doorway. The screening material itself is attached to a roller tube which spins on a vertical axis within the assemblys housing. The screen is also attached to a vertical pull bar which rides on two rails and is used to stretch the screening material across the door opening. Once deployed, the pull bar is fixed in place by one or more magnets installed on the side opposite the housing. When not in use, the screen rolls up into its housing.
The system can be installed on virtually any single entry door and using two complete assemblies, the system can be easily installed on French doors.

How difficult is a retractable screen door to install?

The installation of a retractable screen door system is not difficult. However, since each door is custom made to fit each door it must be installed by a certified Quality Disappearing Screens Installer.
Installation time depends on whether the system is prefabricated on site or ordered in a pre-cut kit. The installaton of a pre-cut single door, typically takes :30 to :45 minutes; pre-cut French doors take an hour to an hour and one half. If a system is fabricated on site, you can expect to spend about a half hour more.

What door sizes will this system fit?

The system can be installed on practically any single door frame measuring up to 110" in height and 60" in width. French door assemblies which require the installation of two kits can be installed on openings up to 96" wide.

When a system is ordered, what does it include?

Each single door assembly kit will include the following :

  • SafeGlideTM Speed Reducer
  • Housing in Specified Color
  • Pull Bar in Specified Color
  • Top Pull Bar Guide in Specified Color
  • Roller Tube
  • Magnet Assembly in Specified Color
  • Screening Material
  • Handles w/Screw Plugs in Specified Color
  • Railing (80" or 96") in Specified Color
  • Top & Bottom Housing Cap w/Screw Plug in Specified Color
  • Interior Tension Spring
  • Bottom Housing Cap w/Screw Plug in Specified Color
  • Installation Screw Pack(s)
  • Warranty Card
  • Weather Stripping

When two single doors are ordered for an installation on a French door, the kit can include an extramagnet assembly and custom door pin-locks which allow the user to lock one of the doors in place while being able to use the other freely.

What is not included?

The only items not included in the individual kits are sill adapters, Decolum (top molding) and bug flaps. Sill adapters come in seven different shapes, and 5 colors (Gold is anodized).

Why use sill adapters at all?

Over 90% of all installations are custom fitted; The sill adapters provide a seamless blending of the new screen to your existing frame. In a great number of cases, the sill adapter is a necessary component for proper door operation.
The sill adapter will not only improve the overall appearance of your new doorway, but serves to prevent damage to the railings that will be installed.

Does QDS offer any other products/services?

QDS also offers Quality glass tinting services as well as other related home improvement services.

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